Academic Performance Center


The Academic Performance Center is dedicated to continuous improvement of its resources and services. To facilitate this improvement, the Academic Performance Center undergoes a variety of assessments on an annual basis. Although these assessments address a wide range of concerns, they primarily measure the extent to which the Academic Performance Center accomplishes its mission statement and learning outcomes, which are provided below.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Utah Tech University Academic Performance Center is to facilitate an active learning environment wherein all students can engage in peer-to-peer instruction and excel in their coursework. We aim to create a community of academic collaboration, both at Utah Tech University and in southern Utah.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students who visit the Academic Performance Center will demonstrate an ability to solve complex problems.
  2. Students who visit the Academic Performance Center will develop an increased understanding of course material and the skills necessary to study effectively.
  3. Students who visit the Academic Performance Center will enhance their approaches to learning by becoming strategic learners and identifying common errors in reasoning.
  4.  Students who visit the Academic Performance Center will benefit from increased confidence in learning independently.

Annual Reports

Results from the Academic Performance Center’s ongoing assessments are compiled into annual reports. These reports are published through the Academic Performance Center’s website to provide UT’s students and faculty with a sense of the center’s efficacy.