Booking Procedures

Students with appointments have priority over walk-ins.

Students who are more than five minutes late forfeit their scheduled appointment time.

Online appointments must be scheduled at least thirty minutes in advance.

Tutoring sessions are limited to thirty minutes each.

Students are allowed two tutoring sessions per day.

Students are not allowed to schedule back-to-back appointments.

Additional Procedures

The ideal tutoring session includes a student who is prepared with an assignment description.

The Academic Performance Center reserves the right to direct students to particular tutors.

The Academic Performance Center’s tutoring rooms are reserved for students engaged in tutoring sessions.

Disruptive students will be referred to the Academic Performance Center Coordinator.


Have earned an A or A- in all courses they tutor.

Have two recommendation letters from faculty.

Take LLS 2790, UT’s CRLA training course, during the first semester of tutoring.


Procedures for Students

  1. When you book an appointment, you will request “online tutoring,” as indicated by AccuSQL. You will then select a date and time for the tutoring session to take place, as well as indicate the subject in which you need assistance. Based on the date and time selected, you will be given a list of available tutors. You will choose your tutor and provide your email in the corresponding field.
  2. Both you and your tutor will receive confirmation emails of the appointment from AccuSQL. The emails will contain the details of the appointment as well as the proper online tutoring session procedure.
  3. On the day of your appointment, please sign into your email at least 5 minutes prior to the time of your tutoring session.
  4. You will receive an email from your tutor with the invitation to join the conference through Zoom, our online tutoring session software. You will click the link to join the Zoom meeting.
  5. The tutor will begin the Zoom conference at the indicated time and proceed with the session accordingly.


Note: Tutoring sessions are limited to 30 minutes. To avoid unintended disconnect due to time conflict, the session will be given a duration of 45 minutes. If a tutor does not have other appointments/walk-ins, he/she MAY be available to tutor online for a longer period of time.